Neuroscience conference 2022
Julianne Freiwald-Gaule

Vero Beach Reading and Speech-Language Pathology, USA

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the conference and the lovely accommodations. We were all able to interact with each other and collaborate together on many topics. Please include me in your future conferences. I would love to present another lecture!....... perhaps my next lecture could be on autism and related disorders in children and adults!.

Neuroscience conference 2022
Noury Bakrim

University of the People, USA

This is really an interesting perspective in neuroscience. In my opinion, all the assistance made in the conference is perfect and I can say that the forum is of higher quality. My expectation has been positively met and hope that will continue to have an interesting discussion.

Neuroscience conference 2022
Siva Anoop Yella

Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences, India

It was really a great experience and it was been an honour and pleasure to be here in the city of Vienna to meet all the renowned speakers from all over the world. Being a Neuropsychiatrist, I personally learned a lot from other presentation and they have enlightened me with their experience and science

Neuroscience conference 2022
Tatsu Kobayakawa

Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Thank you for giving me a chance to attend this conference and giving me a chance to present my study. I could really enjoy this conference even though not on site but remote. On real operation was
really smooth. I easily guess that was hard work to prepare hybrid conference, (last year, I my self was an organizer of Japanese conference) so I do appreciate such a “comfortable” preparation

Neuroscience conference 2022
Kelli Rodriguez

One Innovations Labs, USA

Thank you for everything. The conference was excellent.

Neuroscience conference 2022
Hitoshi Sakano

University of Fukui, Japan

Thank you for organizing the interesting meeting, Neuroscience 2021, in Vienna last week. It was really great and I very much enjoyed it.