Virtual Conference

Zeynep Firat

Yeditepe University Kosuyolu Hospital, Turkey

Title: Cinematic rendering MRI for visualization of brain lesions


In recent years, the advancement of medical imaging techniques has introduced new possibilities for visualizing brain lesions in greater detail. Cinematic Rendering MRI is an emerging imaging modality that combines high-resolution MRI data with advanced rendering algorithms. Our aims in this abstract to summarize the potential applications and benefits of utilizing Cinematic Rendering MRI for visualizing brain lesions. The enhanced visualization provided by this technique may facilitates the preoperative planning of neurosurgical interventions, allowing surgeons to better understand the spatial relationship between the lesion and surrounding critical structures. By employing a physically based approach to rendering, this technique generates photo-realistic and lifelike images that surpass traditional MRI visualization methods. The resulting images may present brain lesions with unparalleled clarity, enabling clinicians to accurately assess their size, location, and morphology. The integration of Cinematic Rendering MRI in the field of brain lesion visualization might represents a significant advancement in medical imaging. By providing realistic and detailed representations of brain lesions with this technique might enhances the diagnostic accuracy and aids in treatment decision-making.


Zeynep Firat completed her master's degree in Cognitive Sciences and her PhD in Neuroscience from Yeditepe University in Turkey. She works as a Research Specialist in the radiology department. Her main interest is neuroimaging and also teaches Neuroimaging in the Neuroscience PhD program. She has over 40 publications that have been cited over 1500 times, with an h-index of 20.