Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conferences 2022

Timur Petrenko

Ural State Medical University, Russian Federation

Title: Neuropsychiatric disorders in children with psychosomatic diseases


Many somatic disorders of childhood that have a chronic course are called psychosomatic. These include atopic dermatitis (AD), bronchial asthma (BA), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and several other diseases. Such diseases are always accompanied by neuropsychiatric disorders: developmental delay, impaired attention and memory, lack of self-control skills.
We conducted a study involving 325 children with psychosomatic disorders (BA-108, AD-105, GERD-112). The child's developmental history and current manifestations of neuropsychiatric disorders were assessed by a clinician and neuropsychologist. 
It was found that in children with the disorders under consideration, factors of damage to the central nervous system in the early stages of development (during pregnancy and childbirth) are significantly more common (relative to healthy children in the population). Such children are more likely to experience sensory and motor deprivation due to somatic suffering. 
Neuropsychological disorders were represented by impaired kinesthetic and dynamic praxis, auditory-motor and visual-spatial coordination. The revealed neuropsychological deficit indicates local lesions in various parts of the cerebral cortex, insufficient development of short and long intracerebral connections, reduced of the brain activati therapy. Thus, the establishment of clinical and pathogenetic patterns in the development of psychosomatic disorders in childhood opens the way to understanding the mechanisms of their development and the development of reasonable methods of therapy. 


Timur Petrenko received his PhD at the age of 30 from the Ural State Medical University, Russia. He is a psychiatrist with 17 years of experience. He has over 15 years of clinical experience working with children with neuropsychiatric disorders. In his work, he uses innovative methods of treatment, including neuroelectrostimulation. He has 37 publications in international journals and an H-4. He has been involved in the organization of several international conferences on biomedical devices.