Virtual Conference

Sheila Judge

Physician and Psychoanalyst, USA

Title: The interplay of global social distrust with intrapsychic and interpersonal trauma


One doesn’t need to look far to see evidence of important societal or systemic values of trust and solidarity declining into distrust, devaluation of compassion, and moral injury.  Such erosions of social trust are not automatic, however. Examples will be given of various ways that trauma shapes personal intrapsychic scenarios which influence subsequent interpersonal experiences, creating and/or perpetuating a divisive social atmosphere and unrest. Such a society in turn fosters more trauma to its members.


Sheila Judge, MD is a physician and psychoanalyst, past President of the American Association for Social Psychiatry, and Honorary Fellow, World Association of Social Psychiatry. She has lectured on a variety of topics, including most recently on eliminating childhood poverty, values in leadership, social trauma, and energy medicine. In her current private work she specializes in trauma treatment using the techniques of the New Regression Therapy (NRT). Dr. Judge is the editor of the textbook The New Regression Therapy (2nd edition) by Greg McHugh. She can be reached through