Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2023

Oleg Avilov

South Urals State Medical University, Russian Federation

Title: The dynamic stereotype and its role in psychotherapy


According to the theory of functional equivalence, any dynamic stereotype is an example of the fact that a person, in certain typical situations, has found ways to eliminate constantly emerging imbalances. A change in behavior, a change in a dynamic stereotype will always be associated with the appearance of emotional stress.  Does it make sense to abandon the old dynamic stereotype, even if it leads to deterioration of health, if a new one, in the phase of its formation, will lead to discomfort and unpleasant sensations? It makes sense if breaking the stereotype will lead to an understandable and desired improvement in the state of health for the individual. Or, if a new stereotype leads to an increase in the quality of life of an individual or (and) those who are extremely dear to him. A necessary condition for the success of building a new dynamic stereotype is a background of positive emotions at the end of each stage. 


Oleg Avilov finished Chelyabinsk State Medical Institute and then Post- Graduate Courses at the Department of Normal Physiology. Then he worked for some years as Director the General of Medical Insurance Company, as the Head of Department of Social Physiology and Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology in Chelyabinsk State University.  For 3 years he had been working as a Psychologist at the Department of Human Resources in “Lafarge Cement” (Russia).  Nowadays he is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Public Health and Healthcare in South Urals State Medical University, correspondent member of Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH), member of editorial board of journals “Psychophysiology News” and “Healthcare, Education and Safety, author of more than 200 scientific works”. Oleg Avilov concerned with a problem of evaluating and predicting of humans behavior in various situations on the base of the theory of functional equivalence he is developing. Emotional stress and its consequences, Psychotherapy on the whole, work motivation and meaning of life formation are of his special interest.