Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Oleg Avilov

South Urals State Medical University, Russian Federation

Title: Is it possible to create a theory of psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy usually deals with the problems connected with emotional stress   appearing when the rate of development of an imbalance due to the impact or sudden absence of the impact of informational, physical or chemical factors exceeds the rate of establishing equivalence. The theory of functional equivalence helps to determine the criteria of the aim for psychic correction – mental health, to understand the meaning of stress management, to catch the sense of psychotherapy. It is possible to build a hierarchy of ways to prevent the consequences of emotional stress. To do this, they are to assess the potential of the organism and the presence of innate and acquired "channels" for establishing equivalence, to assess the severity of manifestations of emotional stress in specific situations for which the patient cannot find "channels" for forming equivalence for a long time. Then,   preventing the consequences of the emotional stress, it is necessary to identify the cause of the imbalance that led to it – conscious and unconscious needs.  It is advisable to find out which needs, that is, which manifestations of imbalance in the body, are vital, and which are created due to the work of consciousness. As it was proved practically, assistance to the patient consists either in finding a" channel " for establishing equivalence, or by replacing an existing need with one for which there is already a "channel” previously formed by the patient. In any case, psychotherapeutic work will be facilitated if the patient is constantly in the process of learning, creating new "channels", some of which can be useful in stressful situations. It is supposed that if one understands the meaning of forming the functional equivalence then it would be possible to work out the theory of psychotherapy.


Oleg Avilov after finishing Chelyabinsk State Medical Institute had been studying for 3 years in Post- Graduate Courses at the Department of Normal Physiology. Then he had been working for 7 years as Director the General of Medical Insurance Company.   There was period of his being Head of Department of Social Physiology and Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology in Chelyabinsk State University.  For 3 years he had been working as a Psychologist at the Department of Human Resources in “Lafarge Cement” (Russia).  Nowadays he is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Public Health and Healthcare in South Urals State Medical University, correspondent member of Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH), member of editorial board of journals “Psychophysiology News” and “Healthcare, Education and Safety, author of more than 200 scientific works”. Oleg Avilov concerned with a problem of evaluating and predicting of humans behavior in various situations on the base of the theory of functional equivalence he is developing. Psychotherapy on the whole, work motivation and meaning of life formation are of his special interest.