Virtual Conference

Niyana K Rasayon

University of the District of Columbia, USA

Title: Introducing neuroscience and artificial intelligence to the “Meet Joe Black” pre-death awareness phenomena


Across cultures, independent of religious orientations or family’s philosophical beliefs, numerous stories have been shared by survivors of their departed loved ones. Such documentation of cryptic messages and ‘visits from the uninvited’ are casually dismissed as parapsychological phenomena.  With marginal scientific scrutiny, it is common for  these postmortem tales to be captured in Hollywood scripts.

This presentation will explore and introduce the potential benefits of utilizing General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) as a tool for unbiased meta-analyses of reported ‘odd, novice or discovered preparatory behaviors’ demonstrated by recently deceased persons. Historically, such ‘psychological autopsies’ are peppered with anecdotal narratives of impromptu-abrupt or nuanced ideations, either verbalized or expressed by the discarnate prior to leaving this “life”. Priests, Imams, Rabbis, scholars, and scientists struggle to fathom the perpetual pendulum of mourning and grief in pursuit of a  therapeutic balm  to  curtail their despair and dreamlike trance that often plagues survivors with anger, confusion, and pain in their efforts to cope with such loss.  Status, wealth, position, or title offers no immunity to their struggles to reinvent life for themselves as those anniversary memories are rekindled.  In efforts to address this void, preliminary findings will offer suggestions regarding the incalculable benefits of GAI to curtail this spiral of rumination filled with abstract opened ended questions.  Combined objectives of this research, although in its infancy will shed some light on the research benefits of “AI”.  In addition, and more importantly - free-up neuro-cellular architecture, and simultaneously introduce  intervention protocols to enhance positive-neuroplasticity for anyone struggling with closure, why, and ideally - inspire collaborative projects on this omnipresent topic.