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Neuroscience conference 2023

Miroslava Metleaeva

Doctor of Philology, Master in Psychology, Translator, Writer , Republic of Moldova

Title: Conflict as a result of intervention: Artificial intelligence and translation


 The intervention of intellectual innovations in human consciousness up to the “man-machine” software technologies is, first of all, anachronistic and pursues the main goal - singularity, i.e. management of intelligent energy within the strict framework of technology. The occuracy of terminology and the absence of polysemy of the word is the foundation of the AI software in this area. For a specialized, technical translation, this is an undeniable advantage in terms of speed and efficiency of the process. As for the artistic text, this is an absolute limiter of the intellectual potential of the creative computer user. Already in the current conditions, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to influence the formation of certain user opinions and even impose them on him. The author demonstrates on concrete examples the conflict of interference of an automatic editor in the process of individual literary translation. The author presents the differences between human mental operations and automatic actions of Artificial Intelligence in the process of translation. According to the author, translation is a universal property of human thinking, and the process of translating thoughts into a speech form is determined by biological, genetic, emotional, socio-historical memory and experience, as well as the possibility of individual translation of thoughts into native and any other language. Reflection - the subject's turning to himself - is one of the most important acts of consciousness, which is inherent in both the creator of a literary work and the translator, but is inaccessible to a machine.


Doctor of Philology, translator, writer
(Metleaeva is a pseudonym. Surname on the passport is Luchiancicova).

Scientific titles      
- Ms.Luchiancicova Miroslava has been conferred the scientific degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOLOGY on  October 15, 2019 based jn Decizion of the ANACEC Governing Board No 4 of September 27, 2019
And of the resolution of specialized Scientific counsil D 622-01-73 within the Institute of Romanian Philology "Bogdan Petriceicu-Hasdeu" of July 12, 2019
- Ms.Luchiancicova Miroslava is a Master in Psychology. The topic of the dissertation is “Psycho-social aspects of cooperation between NGOs and MASS-MEDIA during the period of transition”. The diploma was approved by the Ministry of Education and the State University of Moldova on July 12, 2002.

Professional activity
She was engaged in pedagogical activities, journalism, worked at the State Television of Moldova, editor of several newspapers, conducted teaching activities, from 2011 to 2022 she worked as a researcher at the Institute of Romanian Philology "Bogdan Petriceicu-Hashdeu", now she is the head of the Analytics and External Relations Sector of the Chisinau Municipal Library "I .Mangher"
She was a member of the editorial boards of several scientific and literary journals, is the author of 117 scientific articles, monographs, collections of scientific papers.