Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2023

Lyudmila Vasiljeva

Kazan State Medical Academy , Russian Federation

Title: Instrumental verification of muscle weakness identified during manual muscle testing


Relevance. The relevance of this research consists in identifying the mechanism of the neurological response to manual muscle testing (MMT). It is important to substantiate the two-stage performance of MMT, and to establish how MMT can be used for neurological diagnostics and appropriate treatment.

Objective. Instrumental verification of manual muscle testing, and interpretation of its results based on N. Bernstein’s theory.

Methods. 300 hundred patients with muscle pain syndromes were involved in this research. Computer dynamography and vector myography were used.  MMT in patients with reflex pain made it possible to detect a decrease in reflexes in antagonistic muscles which we called muscle hypotension. These symptoms were regarded as hidden compression syndromes. Nerve decompression was performed which released muscle pain and spasm.

Results.1. Performance of manual muscle testing that involves two stages is confirmed by instrumental diagnostics. 
2.Two-stage performance of MMT is consistent with the tonic phase of muscle contraction (N. Bernstein).
3.MMT provides a way to establish functional hypotension. 

Conclusions. This research enabled us to develop a new approach to treating patients with muscle pain syndromes of reflex-based origin. MMT makes it possible to detect hidden compression syndromes, and to provide therapy based on pathogenetic substantiation. Future research could involve the study of adaptation possibilities of the nervous system when exposed to the environment.


Ludmila Vasiljeva completed her Ph.D. at the age of 34, and a higher level of the doctoral thesis at the age of 40. She is the Director of the Moscow Academy of Medical Kinesiology. She is the founder and manager of a private medical center in Moscow. She is a professor at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of the Kazan State Medical Academy, Russia, and a professor at a private holistic medicine clinic in Dubai, UAE. She has more than 300 publications some of which have been published in Russian journals. Some of her works have been  published in the journal Manuelle Medizine, Germany. She has contributed a chapter for the book Rehabilitation of the Spine by Craig Liebenson, published by J Williams & Wilkins, USA. She has more than 10 inventions related to clinical and instrumental diagnostics. She is the Editor-in-chief of the journal Applied Kinesiology, and a member of the editorial board of several renowned journals. Vice President of the Russian Association of Manual Therapy.