Virtual Conference

Irit Grencel

University of Haifa; Leumit Health Maintenance Organization, Israel

Title: The effect of the


Many people who suffer from stroke need a rehabilitation program. The success of a patient's rehabilitation depends greatly on the nature of the injury, the patient’s character (psychosocial), culture, customs, skills, and support network. Many stroke survivors are not sufficiently or fully aware of their physical, mental, and health condition, and as a result are unresponsive, frustrated, and have difficulty with executive functions. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of the "Golden Circle" cognitive exercise on the quality of life of post stroke patients. 30 volunteers at a subacute stage after an ischemic stroke. They were randomly allocated to either an experimental group or control group. A quality of life questionnaire was administered before and after the “Golden Circle” experimental group intervention. The experimental group participants were asked to introspect to better understand their overall situation and possible ways to change it. Then they were asked to draw a circle on a blank A4 page and at the top to write a title, and within the circle to write their problems, their suggested solutions, and to intuitively write associations to a color, a taste, an animal, and a general physical sensation, and below these the date. After 5 or 6 weeks, the researcher returned to the home of each participant for a reevaluation using the Visual Analogue Scale methodology to assess the degree of change in quality of life. The control group, participants were asked to write answers to only five open-ended questions unrelated to quality of life or daily functions. Researchers reported improvement in participants’ walking, standing up, daily activities, and general quality of life. Using the "Golden Circle" exercise to improve self-awareness and motivation in stroke survivors may contribute to better coping and taking responsibility for their rehabilitation in the best possible way.


Irit graduated with a bachelor's degree in physical therapy studies at the Wingate Institute in 1981 and during her professional years she combined in her work traditional techniques of western medicine with complementary treatment approaches. Irit is a player of the Israeli team in lawn bowling and she won third place in the World Championship held in New Zealand in 2013. Irit's hobby is photographing birds in nature.