Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2023

Eva Škorvagová; Jozef Stašák

University of Žilina, Slovakia

Title: Psychological Proceses – Structure, Functionality, Quantification and Modelling


The contribution deals with psychological process problems, with respect to their structure and feature, as well as quantification ana modelling, while an appropriate definition of psychological process creates basis for those purposes. However, getting to know the psychological process functionality and behavior, a set of appropriate knowledge related to their structure is required.  In general, any psychological process is closely related to living organisms and reflects their behavior determined by their internal and external components. In order to predict their behaviour, their structure and functionality should be quantified and modelled. This approach requires providing many different research activities, which generate a huge data and information set concerned with behavior of living organism, which should be transformed to appropriate knowledge and applied related to communication with living organisms. And that is the main goal of that contribution, which is supported by several partial aims relating not only to structure and functionality of psychological processes, however to their metrics and communication within social practice.  


Jozef Stašák, PhD. is a university teacher at Intercedu Pezinok (Slovak republic) and his branch of specialization is Business process intelligence, especially business process modelling (with the use of standardized and linguistic approach). He was graduated in 1972 and received master’s degree diploma in Physics, at Faculty of Natural Sciences – University of P.J. Šafárik in Košice (Slovak republic). However, after having been graduated he started working with computers and computational science applying it within records management and archival processing – text and image semantic analysis as well. In 1997, he started working with business process management problems, where he applied ARIS System for standardized business process modelling and system SAP for providing of business process information support. In 2005, he started applying his knowledge and experiences gained within text and image semantic analysis for business process modelling using so called linguistic approach. At present, he deals with Business Process Intelligence related to Creative Economy processes, Mediamatics and Cultural and Historical Processes.

Eva Škorvagová, PhD. is a university teacher, psychologist and cognitive and behavioral therapist and supervisor with respect to criteria of European Association for Psychotherapy. She is teaching to University of Žilina – Slovak republic. However, she applies her experiences related to psychodiagnostics, re-education and preventive psych corrective, consulting   and psycho-therapeutic activities gained within Psychological and Pedagogic Centre in ?adca (Slovak republic) within her further co-operation with an appropriate Consulting Centre in ?adca) and within private Centre EduGo in Žilina  (Slovak republic) as well.  As for her research activities, she deals with chrono-psychological aspects of learning together with investigation differences among diurnal preference, studying success, sleeping aspects and style of learning too. However, she deals with evaluation of basic relations among biological rhythm, depression and personal features related to lowering of anxiety, when pronouncing foreign language expressions as well, while she is active within research related to mental resistibility of children and adults together with application of KBT method in the psychotherapy too. Her branch of specialization is closely related to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy together  schema therapy of adults and children with neurotic and anxiety, affective and psychosomatic problems, with  obsessive-compulsive disorders, with pos traumatic stress disorders  and other behavior disorders incl. emotional disorders, which have began in childhood and adolescence period.