Dina Veksler

Practitioner, Albania

Title: Priority of Human Interaction


Presentation of the idea "prioritizing human interaction" over other interventions, regarding mental health issues. Idea is based on several practical factors--20 years of work with adults having various mental health issues (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.) and with children with intellectual disabilities, limited or non-verbal autistic children experience with own mental challenges, which have been successfully overcome.


Dina Veksler completed her Master degree in industrial engineering in USSR and Associate degree in early childhood education in USA. Developed the TPB system as a therapeutic photography approach to work with children with autism and other deviations. She has publications in academical journals in Russia and USA. 

To know more about Dr. Dina Veksler, please visit: http://autismtpb.tilda.ws/