Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2023

Chehda Arrouf Laouar

Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine, Algeria

Title: COVID-19: A survey to assess remote medical monitoring during confinement


The limitation of face-to-face medical consultations during the confinement periodis detrimental to patients. Will remote medical monitoring the needs of our patients?
This research will evaluate remote monitoring during Covid-19 outbreak from the point of view of patients in a neurology office practice in Constantine.
A questionnaire was adopted as a tool to obtain research data.It was distributed to a sample of 63 patients.All communicated remotely during confinement from March to September 2020.Software was used for statistical analysis (SPSS) with a satisfaction scale from 1 to 5.
The reliability of the questionnaire was 72%.the patients evaluated the remote contact during the confinement with a high degree of acceptance at 81%, and at 74% for the quality of service provided. The satisfaction scale established was as follows:between 1 -2.5 low satisfaction from 2.5-3.5 moderate and from 3.5-5 favorable.
In this statistical study, we did not find a significant difference ? ?0;05 in the evaluation
of remote monitoring between the variables (age, intellectual level and place of residence).There was a significant difference between the sample’s mean view of evaluating télémedicine is due to the variables of sexe and the means of communication.


Chehda Arrouf Laouar, Diploma of Special Medical Studies in Neurology (1979), Constantine Faculty of Medicine. Diploma in Neuromuscular Functional Explorations (1981), Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine. Neurology practice, Constantine since 1986.