Santiago Restrepo Garizabal

Psychologist, Colombia


Santiago Restrepo Garizabal, Psychologist, a specialist in Organizational Psychology, a Master's degree in Neuropsychology (Colombia), a Doctor of Neuroscience (Argentina) and a post-doctorate in Sciences (Mexico), currently a student in his second post-doctorate in Bio-psychology of criminal behaviour (Mexico). Trained in administration, Quality Auditor (ISO Standards), trained in Neurocoaching and NLP by Neuro Strategies. He is currently a researcher at the Corporacion Universitaria Americana (Colombia) and a professor at the Universidad de Barcelona (Spain), president of the Red Academica Intercontinental para el Desarrollo Humano, Socially Empresarial - RAIDHSE. Researcher MINCIENCIAS (Colombia), member of the Red Ecuatoriana de Mercadeo and member of FINTES (International Federation of Specialists), is certified by GLOCE (Global Certification Entrepreneurs); He is an International Evaluator Peer in the accreditation group CACNEIP (Mexico), among others. An international speaker with a tour of Spain, Italy, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Chile, and Argentina, among others. More than 15 years of experience as director and manager of Human Resources in different companies, professor and university researcher from 2000 to date. Author of articles and book chapters published in high-impact magazines.

Research Interest

Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Neuro Strategies