Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Walfred Rueda

Proyecto Mente Creativa A.C., Mexico

Title: Is homophobia related to psychopathology?


Introduction: Homophobia are beliefs and behaviors involving prejudice, discrimination, harassment, violence, and hatred towards non-heterosexual people, which have psychological and social causes, as well as cognitive and genetic risk factors. It is proposed that homophobia is a pathology. It has been observed that psychoticism and immature defense mechanisms explain 38% of the variance of homophobia; however, the relationship between homophobia and quality of life, as a criterion of functionality, has not been evaluated. 

Objective: To evaluate the relationship between homophobia, personality traits and quality of life in heterosexual men and women. 

Methodology: 116 subjects were recruited by non-probabilistic sampling and were administered the Verduzco-Lozano Homophobia Scale, the PID-V BREV personality inventory and the WHOQOL-BREV quality of life scale online. 

Results: Significant correlations were observed between the different dimensions of the Homophobia Scale, PID-V BREV and WHOQOL-BREV. 

Conclusion: This study provides data on homophobia as a pathology.


Walfred Rueda has completed his PHD at the age of 46 years from Nexum University, Mexico. He is the head of “Proyecto Mente Creativa” non Governmental Organization, Mexico. He is member of Society of Latin American Researchers.