Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conferences 2022

Susanna Occhipinti

TBA, Italy

Title: Educational tools and methodological approaches to enhance interest and to grow skills in the teaching-learning of the earth sciences: A research in the Italian schools


Earth Sciences  teaching-learning process in the Italian schools, where the research has been developed, has highlighted a widespread lack of knowledge among students. This corresponds to a lack of sensitivity  towards geological and environmental issues and to our  territory, moreover, often characterized by widespread disruption phenomena and natural hazards. This lack of awareness in widely spread also  in the society.
The goal of this research is then to contribute in spreading a greater awareness in Earth Sciences’  different disciplinary fields. The aim is also in  recognizing its concrete applications in our life and in its quality.   The students’  training is essential but must pass through more operative educational tools and paths, based on more effective methodological and educational approaches:  hands-on practices, active teaching, inquiry and investigation. It is  necessary to increase students’ interest and passion  to promote  competences and skills. Research has shown that Earth Sciences can be a formidable tool for promoting these skills, but they require a systemic vision and a more solid epistemology


Geologist, school principal, with a PhD  on “Education  and communication of the Earth sciences” - University of Camerino, Science and technology pole,  and a specialization in general and museum education. 
Science teacher for 25  years, particularly interested  in the teaching -learning  of Earth sciences, searching for new and effective approaches and in promoting  the culture of natural risks, 
Coordinator of a Center for the teaching of experimental sciences of the Aosta Valley, member of the board of ANISN and coordinator for the IESO; member of the editorial board of the Rivista Geologicamente, Executive Editor-Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences Research, of the educational Commission of the Italian Geological Society, he is co-chair of the IGEO-EGU European chapter, which brings together various European associations of science teachers of the land.