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Neuroscience conference 2022

Sijabulisiwe J Tshabalala

University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Title: Depression, anxiety and stress symptoms in patients with dyspepsia in gastrointestinal unit in Edendale Hospital in the Midlands, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa


Background: Dyspepsia has demonstrated to be a complex disease imposing heavy burden in the health system and socio-economic system by impacting both physical and mental health with associated negative view on quality of life. With not much data and studies done, especially in African countries, there is need for studies to establish and improve holistic approach in management and disease outcome on both dyspepsia and mental health.
Objectives: To determine the prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress in patients with dyspepsia. To determine common risk factors associated with demographic profile, substance abuse, the view of quality of life. To demonstrate financial impact, occupational impact to patients, economy and health system. To further establish possibility of common mental health disorders, duration of dyspeptic symptoms, medical profile, Helicobacter Pylori (H Pylori) infections, endoscopy and endoscopy results.
 Method: A quantitative descriptive cross sectional survey among consenting adult of Edendale Hospital ( EDH); Gastrointestinal Unit (GI) Unit awaiting Endoscopy, both inpatient and outpatient eligible to read and write. Self-administered Research questionnaire, The Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) assessment tool, The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale 21 (DASS 21) was filled in by patients with some assistance from the researcher/ research assistant (RA) for any clarification  to screen for presence of symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Stress (DAS) and also compared with endoscopy results, H Pylori test
Results: The mean age of participants (N=201) was 48.89years,of whom approximately two thirds (n=133;66.17%)were women,97%(n=195)were African and 64.68%(n=130) resided in rural areas. Anxiety was the most prevalent symptom category (n=149; 74.13%) versus depression (n=96; 47.76%) and stress (n=68; 33.83%) in each category of symptoms (mild to extremely) severity. In the severe and extreme range, anxiety existed without co-morbid depression or stress in 61.19% of anxious patients. Alcohol use was significantly associated with all three symptom category (p< 0.01).
Conclusion: Given high frequencies of depression and anxiety in patients undergoing endoscopies for dyspepsia, screening for common mental disorders is essential.  
Keywords: Dyspepsia, Anxiety, Stress (DAS)


Sijabulisiwe Tshabalala has worked in the Department of Psychiatry for more than 12 years as a Senior Medical 0fficder and a Registrar. She has just written her final Fellowship exams in Psychiatry, this is her first article for her MMed( Psychiatry ) with The University of KwaZulu Natal, SA , the article has been cited 7 times since publication in 2019.  She is interested in pursuing a PHD in Mental Health.