Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conferences 2022

Melanie M Tidman

A.t.Still University, USA

Title: Effects of an low carbohydrate/healthy fat/ketogenic diet on biomarkers of health and symptoms, anxiety and depression in Parkinson’s disease: a pilot study


Aim: To evaluate a low carbohydrate/healthy fat/ketogenic diet (LCHF/KD) on symptoms, depression, anxiety and biomarkers in adults with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Patients & methods: 16 adults ages 36–80 with PD participated in the intervention for 12 weeks. The study provided pre-post-study comparisons of biomarkers, weight, waist measurement, united Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), Parkinson’s Anxiety Scale (PAS) and Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale Revised-20 (CESD-R-20) Depression Scale. Results: Although LCHF/KD improves blood glucose in diabetes and seizure control in epilepsy, research gaps exist in this dietary intervention in PD. Statistically, significant improvements occurred in several measurements, PAS scores and Part I of the UPDRS. Conclusion: The LCHF/KD shows positive trends with improvements in biomarkers and anxiety symptoms. Further research is needed to evaluate dietary interventions for PD.


Dr. Tidman holds a doctorate in health science and is an adjunct professor for a t still University, Nova Southeastern University, Liberty University, and Colorado Christian University. Tidman obtained a certification as a metabolic health practitioner and works with patients with metabolic health conditions via telehealth. She has published several. Reviewed articles and has written two books. She has specialties in neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, and metabolic health.