Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Mariko Makino

Toho University, Japan

Title: The outcome of Eating Disorders(EDs): Longitudinal study for pregnancy, afterbirth including mother and child complications


The Aim of this study was to identify ED relapse during Pregnancy and afterbirth and postnatal depression factors. Also identify the association between ED relapse and postnatal depression. For 10 years, 55ED patients had ED recovery and pregnant. Of them 25 consented to participate in this study.(21 with Bulimia Nervosa, 4 with Anorexia Nervosa). Japanese version of  Eating Attitudes test-26(EAT-26) and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale(EPDS) were used. Two groups were made. One was temporary relapse group(ED relapse during pregnancy) and the other was non-relapse group. Comparing these two groups as for postnatal depression rate, ED relapse rate and infant weight etc. In total, ED relapse after delivery was 50%. Postnatal depression rate was 50%. Infant weight was heavier in non-depression group than postnatal depression group. Sample size was very small, however, we found various kinds of complications such as placenta previa and kidney stones. The rate of ED relapse and patients with suffering from postnatal depression were remarkable in this group, suggesting the necessity for long-term follow-up for Eating Disorders.


Mariko has completed 2 PhDs. One was at Toho University and another was at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her high ground father was the first man to export silk to NY and India from Yokohama. She has been influenced by him and has been interested in visiting foreign countries. She belonged to JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency) from 1992 to 2021. As a result, she visited over 100 countries to help the people living in developing countries. Her hobby was mountaineering including climbing, canoeing, heliskiing. She was admitted by Canadian Mountain Holidays as a million-footer. She likes Kimono.