Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Kei Aoki

Konan University, Japan

Title: Why knowledge sharing increases well-being - The case of adult fans of LEGO


Since 2020, we have faced drastic changes in our lives due to the pandemic. This caused a big paradigm shift in working styles. Parallel careers or multiple jobs are getting more common, and people are ascertaining their own competencies. The utilization of personal knowledge will continue to accelerate and this study sheds light on its societal value; the other side of sharing economy. While prior research revealed that participation in knowledge sharing has a significant positive impact on contributors’ well-being, the reason for the correlation between knowledge sharing and well-being has not been identified. Thus, this study explores this issue by carefully examining knowledge-sharing contributors. Finally, this study finds that contributors increased their well-being by deepening their knowledge and experience via competitive co-creation. Furthermore, their concerns shifted towards passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation. 


Kei Aoki is an Associate Professor of Hirao Management School, Konan University, Japan. Following her graduation from Osaka University, she had worked for Nestle Japan and engaged in marketing for over a decade. She obtained MBA and Ph.D. at Kobe University in parallel. Her research field is co-creation among firms and consumers.