Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Katarzyna Wiszniewska

Stanis?aw Staszic University of Applied Sciences, Poland

Title: Judo as an alternative rehabilitation method in multiple sclerosis


Objective: To evaluate the efectiveness of training judo as a part of a physiotheraphy programme in MS patients Materials and methodology: 4 female RR-MS patients, aged between 32 and 49, have taken part in a 8-week programme. Their condition was evaluated twice – before and after the therapy. Two surveys have been carried out: one prepared by the authors of the study and Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale (MSIS-29). In order to evaluate the functional state the following methods have been used: Functional Reach Test, 10 m TW (Time Walking) test and the Lovett test (for the following muscles: rectus femoris, biceps femoris, rectus abdominis, deltoideus). Results: After the therapy the most persisting ailments decresed considerably. The functional tests showed better results and the patients had a better phycological disposition. Conclusions: Judo training improved both functional and psychogical condition of the patients in the rehabilitation group. The programme proved to be an alternative form of physiotherapy for MS patients. 


Katarzyna Wiszniewska is a graduate of bachelor studies in physiotherapy at the Stanis?aw Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Pi?a. She is currently completing her master studies. She is in her last year. She has two publications. One is an article in a Polish journal. The second publication, on the other hand, is a chapter in the book by the IntechOpen publishing house.