Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Gareth Nortje

University of South Dakota, South Africa

Title: Conversational smalltalk no longer considered harmful


Many statisticians would agree that, had it not been for hierarchical cognitive therapies in conversational dynamics, the emulation of cognitive reflection might never have occurred. After years of important research into virtual conversations, we verify the study of mood-state-dependant verbal influences, which embodies the theoretical principles of cognitive analytic psychotherapy. In order to answer the riddle fo conversational smalltalk, we confirm that even though randomized conversational smalltalk can be made perfect, embedded, and replicated, the effective on mood is no longer questionable.


After training as a psychiatrist and receiving the prestigious MBChB, SH.I.T. from Wisearse University, Gareth Nortje spent some years in academia at a Respected University, publishing some entirely legitimate academic papers which were well received and oft-cited. He has an H-Index of 9, which is not too shabby. Since moving into practicing on real patients, he continues to publish less rigorous papers in journals with less rigorous academic standards, taking pleasure in the wide reach enjoyed by his singularly meaningless publications. He regularly finds himself invited to headline at prestigious academic conferences.