Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2023

Frederic Aumjaud

Young retiree, France

Title: The exercise of psychiatry in the elderly in liberal practice in France. About a pioneering approach to preparing for the future


Networking with the hospital and medico-social world is essential in order to properly integrate what comes from in the psychiatric symptoms in the elderly.  A medical, neuropsychological, psychopathological or social etiology approach is necessary. It is indeed a concept of resultant of these four axes which must be exploited to varying degrees by the practitioners. The psychiatrist in the town has his own place to care and cure. The links with home support professionals are just as important, because ultimately there are more Aging Subjects (AS) at home than in institutions. Differential diagnostic devices lead to close collaboration with contrasting medical, paramedical and social partners, as does the practice of child psychiatry. On the other hand, a singular approach emerged, because the expectations are not the same. The richness of this psychic clinic seen by a psychiatrist practicing for elderlies peoples in the city is not sufficiently exploited and must, from a common core, be adapted according to a cultural and ethical resonance of the place and the moment. A way of welcoming requests, diagnostic behavior and support will be argued through a singular, very eclectic clinical prospection. It is in this context that my "Signature" as a practitioner explorer of a psychic world which must reinvent itself will be exhibited, because the Elderly Aging Subjects (SVA) of yesterday are not those of today nor those of tomorrow.


Interested in clinical gerontology since 1974, my university course in psychiatry and clinical gerontology subsequently led me to practice for 35 years in a city with this originality of practice. Now, as a young retiree, I try to share my experience, while maintaining an expertise activity with the courts.