Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Diana Patricia Guízar Sánchez

National University of Mexico, Mexico

Title: Integration of mental health comorbidity in medical specialty programs in 20 countries


Objective: Provide an update of child and adolescent mental health services in Mexico, prevalence rates of mental disorders among young people and the current data on the number and geographic location of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (CAP) in Mexico to determine whether the mental health needs of the country are being met and to learn more about how medical practice is managed in Mexico. 
Methods: Descriptive and cross-sectional study, examine how the current children’s mental health system operates in Mexico, including recent changes in mental health care policy and the need of a national mental health plan for children and adolescents that should be well-integrated with the existing national health and mental health plans.
Results: Child and adolescent mental health services in Mexico are delivered through an underfunded, under resourced, and uncoordinated network of institutional providers isolated from the larger health care system. The infrastructure in Mexico is extremely deficient, lacking in both material and human resources. The mental health workforce is literally insufficient to meet the need. There are only 365 CAPs in Mexico or 0.62 CAPs per 100,000 children. 51.7% are female child and adolescent psychiatrist. Among the child and adolescent psychiatrists in Mexico, 56% practiced in Mexico City. Only 40% of the child and adolescent psychiatrists in Mexico are certified by the specialty board. 
Conclusions: Future perspectives for the field are discussed in terms of funding, research priorities, and research resources, and we emphasize the importance of developing better CAPs with a knowledge of public administration, particularly in well-known strategies, such as strategic planning. Building a society that guarantees the right to mental health, adequate treatment, and rehabilitation are part of our present challenges.


Diana Guízar has completed his PHD at the age of 36 years from National University of Mexico. She is the head of educational research at the same university. She has over 50 publications that have, and his publication h-index is 6. She has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals.