Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conference 2022

Alexandria K Reddelle

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, USA

Title: Innovation in brain tumor treatment a nurse perspective


Background: GammTile was developmed as a treatment for those suffering from recurrent and now primary brain tumors. The goal was to enhance and prolong the lives of patients. 

Method: This article addresses the implementation of a innovative and proven successful treatment for brain tumors, GammaTile. 

Discussion: This presentation gives an overview of brain tumors, their diagnosis, traditional widely used treatments, and discusses the implementation of a new treatment and the process involved in your health system. This will cover a brief discussion of the first patient case performed in the Columbus, OH area. Recommendations for future uses of this innovative treatment is also discussed.


Published in Cureus Journal November 2021 doi: 10.7759/cureus.20037
Nominated National Leadership and Success Society
18 years in practice, background in Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Critical Care, and Education
Former Clinical Manager of Neurosurgery and vascular surgery at a Trauma Center, Columbus, Ohio
Institution of 5ALA program for tumor resection in Columbus, Ohio area hospital 
Development and Institution of GammaTile Program in Columbus, Oh area hospital
Institution of TCAR program for Vascular surgery 
Development of training program for VHA Community Care Dept. Columbus, OH 
Development of training programs related to new programs and their implementation
U.S. Marine