Virtual Conference

Albert H. Mensah

Mensah Medical , USA

Title: COVID-19 and Mental Health: An Orthomolecular Perspective


Mensah Medical is an internationally renowned clinic that specializes in the treatment of biochemical imbalances, and the cognitive (and physical) disorders caused by those imbalances. Mensah Medical treats thousands of patients each year using targeted nutrient therapy, an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical approach based on decades of research conducted by mental health treatment pioneers such as Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and Dr. William Walsh.  

Over nearly two decades of patient treatment and support, the team at Mensah Medical has discovered evidence of physiologic benefits derived from nutrient therapy that go beyond the originally intended treatment of cognitive concerns.  Several Mensah Medical patients indicate that they rarely, if ever, catch common colds or the flu.  Patients who suffer from conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to macular degeneration describe improvement in their conditions.  Even cancer patients comment on the supportive benefits of nutrient therapy protocols to their traditional cancer treatments.  

Now, as the world searches for effective tools for combatting COVID-19, several medical experts worldwide have begun extolling the benefits of melatonin, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D.  Treatment-level dosing of these immune health boosting nutrients have been part of the typical Mensah Medical treatment protocol for years.  Not surprisingly, most of our patients who tell us they have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus have reported that they never developed measurable infection, or that their infections were either very mild or symptom free.

Of course, our patients’ ability to stave off serious COVID-19 infection could not shield them from the societal stressors caused by the pandemic and the mitigation strategies employed to slow the spread of the virus.  Loss of loved ones, fear of catching the virus, loss or changes of employment status, financial concerns, vaccine controversy, a volatile political landscape, and, of course, limited social interaction had a significant impact on the collective mental health of the entire global community, and that impact included assaults on the biochemical underpinnings of our cognitive health.

During his presentation at the 2022 International Conference on Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Dr. Mensah will discuss both the mental and the physiologic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  He will explore the mental and the medical impact of the pandemic, and discuss how an orthomolecular approach might be the most effective way to provide treatment for, and prevention of, COVID-19 infection while also helping patients overcome the increased stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges wrought by the pandemic.

Learning Objectives:  Following the presentation, participants will have learned…
a. How has the COVID-19 pandemic increased the need to address mental health concerns, and how can nutrient therapy help in addressing those concerns while also boosting the body’s ability to fight off or recover from the virus?
b. What is it that nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Melatonin do (and undo) in the body as it relates to overcoming cognitive challenges as well as to addressing damage caused by COVID-19?

Dr. Albert Mensah is the co-founder of Mensah Medical in Warrenville, IL, a clinic that specializes in the treatment of biochemical imbalances and the cognitive (and physical) disorders caused by those imbalances; and the affiliated, non-profit Mensah Research Institute that advances knowledge on nutrient therapy and other natural healing modalities.  Additionally, Dr. Mensah serves on the board of the Walsh Research Institute and of Journey’s Dream (a not-for-profit mental health resource hub), trains doctors around the world in the use of nutrient therapy, and is the Medical Director of the American Indian Health Services in Chicago. Dr. Mensah regularly presents at conferences and consults with other health care professionals.  Dr. Mensah received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois) and his medical degree from Finch University of Health Sciences-Chicago Medical School.  He is board certified in integrative pediatrics by the American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM).