A. Tagne Nossi

Universite de Yaounde 1, Cameroon

Title: Perception of the risk of COVID-19, emotional intelligence and psychological health of caregivers


COVID-19 which appeared in China in 2019 and spread all over the world causing on its way important damages (WHO, 2020). This pandemic has generated stressful situations and significantly hampered the mental and psychosomatic health of the world population, especially that of the medical and paramedical personnel. That is why, we thought it just to focus on the perception of risk, emotional intelligence and the psychological health of caregivers relatively to this dreadful pandemic. This brought us to collect some data through using a composite questionnaire, which we submitted to 180 participants aged between 26 and 63 years (M = 17.89, ET = 6.56) recruited among health workers. They have selected through the simple random sampling technique. The results of this study permit us to notice that emotional intelligence is correlated to the psychological well being (r(180) = .25; p ? .01), while risk perception is correlated to the psychological distress (r(180) = .29; p ? .01). This type of results shows the impact of the perception of risk and of emotional intelligence on the psychological health of the health professionals.