Virtual Conference
Neuroscience conferences 2022

Kishan Porandla

Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Title: Yoga and spirituality in mental health: Illness to Wellness


The ideas which have been shaped my title are rooted from the essence of my life experiences, and experiences with psychiatric patients. The continuum of illness–wellness is explained: Moving down from the centre(Normalcy)shows gradually deteriorating health whereas moving to the top means that well-being is increasing which is the level patients need to achieve. Few doctors develop Empathy towards patients to an altruistic level where the doctor evolves into God which probably equals to ‘Vaidyo Narayano Hari’, where the doctor can see the “being” in every being irrespective of their illness/ wellness domain. In the modern approach to a bio-psycho-sociospiritual school of mental health, Spirituality is at the top of the triangle and has an impact on the functioning of other domains. The newer emerging dimension in psychotherapy is the concept of ‘Global View’ on which the success/failure of intervention depends upon.Yoga helps a person to grow from “I” to “We,” i.e, from being self-centred to a global human being. Yoga comprises spiritual procedures of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ (eternal duty) using symbols and metaphors which originated in the Indian subcontinent. Yoga promotes good health by its effects on mind and body and has been shown to have therapeutic role in alleviating the symptoms in various psychiatric disorders by causing neurobiological changes.
Using Yoga and Spirituality as the basis, the psychotherapy which I practice in my wellness clinic is self-analysis utilizing all the Indian archetypal symbols and psychotherapeutic modules of the west. Contributions of Great Sons of East (Indians) like Dilip Jeste and V.S. Ramachandran in understanding concepts of Wisdom and Successful Aging has been reviewed.Publishing evidence by increasing scientific research and propagation of this knowledge to clinicians helps human beings to develop from an individual level ( Swakalyana level) to a global level (Lokakalyana level).


Dr Kishan Porandla has completed MD in Psychiatry from the reputed Osmania Medical College and is currently the Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry in Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences. He has over 25 Years of psychiatric practise and served 73000 patients . His areas of interest are Research in Psychotherapy,Rehabilitation in Psychiatry, Preventive Psychiatry, Spirituality and mental health. He has multiple publications in several indexed journals. He organized various psychiatric conferences in the country and also conducted workshops, symposiums, lectures across the country as well as in various International Conferences. He is currently an Executive Member - WPA section on Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry 2020-23 and also as Chairman for Indian Psychiatric Society -Taskforce on Spirituality and Mental Health. He served as President of Indian Psychiatric Society –South Zone Branch (for 5 southern states of India)(2019-20). He is a International Fellow of American Psychiatric Society(APA) and also a member of APA Caucus on Spirituality. He is ardent follower of spirituality and teach yoga and spirituality to his patients.